About KOH

KOH Brow Artist was founded by Kathryn O’Hara. A professional Brow Artist who has devoted the last 10 years to developing her skillset and continues to build her portfolio in the realm of eyebrow artistry, beauty and holistic therapy, with particular emphasis on the art of eyebrow design and reconstruction. Kathryn gained her passion and furthered her brow artistry skills when she was part of the renowned team of top Brow Artists in the Award winning, The Brow Artist HQ, Dublin. 

Her passion is to deliver an eyebrow experience creating perfectly tailored brows to suit each individual client, in a calming and mindful environment. She is a strong believer that the brows are the focal point of the face

A Symmetrical well shaped set of eyebrows will….

  • Enhance appearance
  • Support emotional expression and communication.
  • Make eyes appear wider and brighter.
  • Take years off you.
  • Emphasis one’s own facial features and natural beauty.

If you want a unique eyebrow experience that encourages time for self love and provides a path to having new beautiful, natural, healthy looking eyebrows… make an appointment with Kathryn, and she will deliver the goods!


Professional qualifications

  • CIBTAC Diploma , in Photography and fashion make up
  • CIBTAC Diploma, in Media Make Up
  • CIBTAC Diploma, in Skin Treatments
  • Certified Airbase Airbrush High Definition Make Up
  • Certified Threading & Shaping, Flair Beauty Supplies
  • Certified Billion Dollar Brows
  • Certified Billion Dollar Brows in Threading
  • Certified Brow Lamination
  • Certified in Henna Brows
  • Glamour Lash Certificate
  • Certified in Gua Sha Barbicide
  • Certification, Sanitation and Disinfection Practices and Procedures
  • Certificate for Hygiene in the workplace, Salon
  • Certificate, Beauty Industry Approval Ltd.
  • Certificate in Reiki Level 1, Obus Wellness Center
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate

The Experience

By Kathryn O’Hara

Kathryn’s ethos has always been about the mind, body and soul (or mind, brow and soul as she would say). She has created a completely unique approach to how she conducts her brow treatments.  Be prepared to destress, unwind and be in your own space of calm, as your brows are meticulously transformed. The treatments are designed with the intention to assist in bringing your attention back to ‘self’, while passionately creating beautiful eyebrows, signature to you. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day stresses of the world around us and forget about what is going on inside. 

Allowing time for centering yourself and being in the moment, gives us a chance to listen to what our body’s needs are. This awareness  not only makes your own life lighter and easier to navigate but also the lives of the people we surround ourselves with.  Come, unwind and be in a mindful space. #SELFLOVE


As we know symmetry is what we strive for in the world of brows, however, this will never be 100% achievable because each of our wonderful faces are never fully aligned. As per Kowner (1998) findings, human faces are often far from symmetrical with one side frequently being larger than the other, causing slight imbalances in our brow symmetry. If you look closely the brow bone on one side might appear to sit higher due to that side being a larger bone structure than the other. Some say we have one more masculine side and one more feminine side to our faces, like the male and female energies that flow in our bodies Yin (female) & Yang (Male). The masculine side being the larger more chiseled bone structure. The feminine being the smaller, smoother bone structure. The aim of the game is to work towards getting your brows as symmetrical as possible to create a finish that enhances the facial features of the individual.  Kathryn uses her experienced eye and huge resource of knowledge in this area, to create a symmetrical brow that is flattering to you, enhancing the facial features of you, that individual. 

The older notion of symmetry had mostly to do with the “static” notion of proportion. The “Golden Mean”  is an emblematic example. The modern viewpoint on symmetry.



Throughout her treatments, Kathryn incorporates the CPTG therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils. Clients will experience and receive more than a professional brow treatment. These oils assist in providing healing and wellness on so many levels, and add to the overall holistic space. Promoting calm and treating the senses. Don’t be surprised if you drift off with these magical infusions surrounding you.

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