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most popular

€45 - 1hr

Signature “​YOU”​ Brows Treatment

*(Recommended for first time clients)*

*Patch Test Required*  

Treatment involves eyebrow Threading, Tweezing, Trimming to shape the brow, with a tint tailored to suit “you”. It incorporates Kathryn’s very own “ Brow Tension Release Massage” using therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils. The tint can last 3-7 days on the skin (depending on skin type and aftercare), and up to 3-5 weeks in the hair. 

This is Kathryn’s Signature treatment. Addressing your brows with an extra special touch of Holistic Therapy. Designed to give you the most relaxing brow experience you’ve ever had. (Mind ,Brows, Soul). Also perfect for a Bride- To-Be or anyone who enjoys the practice of self love and self care

€25 - 30 min

Signature “​YOU”​
Brows-​SHAPE only

The ‘Signature Treatment’ without the tint. Involves eyebrow Threading, Tweezing, Trimming to shape, with the “ Brow Tension Release Massage” using therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils. 

For those blessed with strong brows and may not require a tint, this is a special treat for you.

vegan & cruelty-free

€50 - 1hr

Brow Shape & Brow Henna

*Patch Test Required*  

Involves eyebrow Threading, Tweezing, Trimming to shape, with Henna tint. Staining on the skin can last from up to 5-14 days (depending on your skin type 

and aftercare), and up to 3-6 weeks in the brow hair.

Henna is an alternative form of tinting for the brows. The next generation in Brow tinting. Henna caxsn produce some beautiful, natural looking shades to suit you. It works its magic filling in sparse brows and creating stunning subtly defined lines.

Giving you a little bit more longevity compared to regular tinting. If regular tinting isn’t doing it for you, Henna is one to try.

€55 - 1 hr

Brow Lamination

*Patch Test Required*

Treatment includes tinting and shaping of the brow. This treatment should only be done once every 8 weeks.(Tinting and shaping can be performed within these 8 weeks). A good nightly conditioning routine for the eyebrow is a must when having this treatment. 

Brow lamination is the art in which a perming treatment is used to lift, correct or enhance the position in which the brow hairs sit. Flattering the brow shape and enhancing symmetry

€95 - 2 hrs

The Zenith Eye Combo
(Signature You & Lash Lift)

This treatment combines “The Signature You Brows Treatment” and “Lash Lift & Botox Lash Conditioning Treatment”- empowering your natural beauty with a striking gaze. Allow yourself to unwind amid the showstopper of eyebrow and eyelash treatments.

€50 - 1hr

Lash Lift & Botox Lash Conditioning Treatment

*Patch Test Required*

This treatment offers a beautiful lift to your own natural lashes that lasts from up to 6-8 weeks (or until your lashes fall out due the natural growth pattern of your hair). 

It enhances the eyes with such subtlety while keeping you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. A perfect treatment to compliment the brows. Naturally enhancing, ideal for any Bride-to-be. Kathryn’s Favourite lash treatment, hence why she offers it!

€35 - 40 min

Express Brows - Shape & Tint
(Exclusive to 4 weekly returning clients only)

(Exclusive to 4 weekly returning clients only)

*Patch Test Required*

Treatment includes Threading, Trimming and Tweezing to shape with a custom made tint to suit you.

Never have a bad brow day again. This is for you! Keep on top of your brows all year around. Secure your monthly slot now.

€30 - 30 min

Full Facial Threading
(Lip, Chin & Side Of Face)

Threading is another method for removing unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, side of the face and chin.

Results can last longer than shaving, tweezing or waxing. This method doesn’t cause ingrown hairs.

There are no chemicals used in the process of Threading. Kathryn uses 100% Organic Cotton Thread from India.

Add On's

Lash tint & Botox Lash Conditioning treatment


Lip & Chin Thread


Lash Tint


Brow Tension Release Massage



Ideal for the Groom-to-be and Groomsmen before the big day or any male with unruly brows that need taiming! Don’t fear, Kathryn will only take away what you ask, she understands subtlety is key for a lot of gentlemen.

Please note: Any of the treatments on the treatment list are available to any gender / non gender persons.

Male Brow Grooming

Treatments involve hair removal techniques such as

A bespoke tint is available in the "Brow Game Strong - Tint & Shape " Treatment if desired. - *A patch test is required for this treatment*

€25 - 30 min


€35 - 45 min


For any specials see Instagram


Brow lamination is the art in which a chemical treatment is used to lift, correct or enhance the position in which the brow hairs sit. Flattering the brow shape and enhancing symmetry. Tinting and shaping of the brow is included in the treatment in general. Patch testing required* Not suitable when pregnant*

-Regular tint – The tint can last 3-7 days on the skin (depending on skin type and aftercare), and up to 3-5 weeks in the hair. 

-Henna Tint – Staining on the skin can last from up to 5-14 days (depending on your skin type and aftercare), and up to 3-6 weeks in the brow hair.

The Signature You Brows Treatment as it allows the time for consultation and the time to create a symmetrical clean finish to brow structure, so that we have a good base to follow going forward to the next treatment. Each set of brows has a journey of their own. It’s also a favourite for most of my clients as it includes my brow tension release massage.

In short- meticulous brow shaping using threading, tweezing and trimming. Brow tension release massage and a tint tailored specifically to suit you. 1hr treatment.

Never- skin around the eyes is too delicate and can lead to premature aging and sagging of the skin around the eye

Yes i thread using 100% organic cotton thread which is a lot more gentle for the client. I also combine tweezing and trimming to shape.

Brow shape( threading, trimming and tweezing) and a tint tailored to suit you.  40mins treatment. * exclusive to 4 weekly or less returning clients only*

Brows is a shortened word for Eyebrows, it refers to the upper part of the face (the forehead), just above the eyes, where there is an area of shorter hair growth than the hair on your head. Eyebrow hair can be of all textures. Some fine, coarse etc.

  Eyebrows have many different functions, some being to protect the eyes from dust, sweat and water but most importantly to us, eyebrows help us communicate through facial expression. Your eyebrows enhance your facial features

Do perfect brows exist?

Ans:  If we were to consider symmetry, then technically there is no such thing as perfect brows naturally due to our facial bone structure. Kathryn focuses on creating a brow to suit each individual. She uses her knowledge on symmetry to structure the brows to be as symmetrical as possible for each individual.

No, Kathryn doesn’t use any make-up products during treatments. However, Kathryn will always recommend products she likes and uses herself. If you would like to be shown how to apply or use certain products, Kathryn will be happy to advise and help –  Just ask!

While Kathryn has years of professional experience being a successful makeup artist, working numerous weddings… she has decided in her career her passion lies in Brow Artistry. She does not currently provide make up services at this time. She does however, provide professional brows and other services. Please see TREATMENTS

Yes! Kathryn loves getting Bride’s brows in top nick for their big day. Brows are so important for Brides on their big day for the make up artist and for photography. Your brows frame your face and enhance facial features. Be sure to start getting you brows in shape no later than 6 months before your wedding. Book yourself in for monthly appointments and prepare for beautiful brows that are easy to maintain.

Yes, for people who are allergic to other hair removal treatments, like waxing, threading is a very safe and healthy alternative. It’s better for the skin and hair follicles, reduces risk of ingrown hairs and hairs don’t grow back as strong and coarse as they would with waxing. 

For any allergy concerns, please always contact your doctor.

KOH recommends leaving a period of 8-10 weeks between each lash lift treatment to allow for treated lashes to grow out and new conditioned lashes grow in place for the next treatment. We aim to never treat over the same lash hair twice, keeping your lashes healthy, strong and beautiful all year round.

Lash lift can last up to 8-10 weeks.

Extremely important yes!!! Everybody should!  No matter how good your hair growth is too. It’s key to keep your brows nourished and healthy to try avoid any problems as we get older. It’s like anything, look after them now and they will stand to you down the line unless something like hormonal imbalances or other skin problems occur that can affect brow growth. It should be done nightly before you go to bed after cleansing your face or leave it on your bedside locker so you don’t forget. Kathryn likes to use good natural products as much as possible. Kathryn will recommend products she uses herself, just ask!

Yes. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women. 

Brow Henna is a powder that is mixed into a paste and used to tint the brows- another form of tinting for the brows. It can stain the skin and sometimes last longer in the hair than the general tints. See treatments page for full description.

No moisture on the brows for the first 24hr. Avoid scrubbing or cleansing through your brows to get longevity out of the tint on the skin. Never get spray tan done straight after your brow treatment. Tint will react with the tan and turn colour.

Try do you tan ( any type of tan on the face even if moisturiser or mist) 24hrs AFTER  your brows have been treated. Always try to avoid putting any tan straight through the eyebrows. Try buffing around the brow. This will all help avoid that dreaded orangey staining that occurs when the eyebrow tint reacts with the tan. If you have to get your tan done before eyebrows try to avoid the area as much as possible and also put a barrier of vaseline through/ over your eyebrows to protect the skin from the tan

If you wear tan/ tan mist/ tan moisturiser on your face always avoid putting it through you brows when applying. Never apply tan before a brow treatment where you are having tinting done. Always gently exfoliate through your eyebrows 2 nights a week and before your eyebrow appointment to make sure the skin under the eyebrow hair is clean with no dead skin cells. This in turn will make for a better skin surface for the tint to take to, meaning better results , no blotchy tints stains. Most importantly stick to your nightly conditioning of the eyebrows. This will also help stop dryness of the skin around the brow giving better results after treatment. When skin is dry tint can go blotchy. 

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